At Lapal Grange Preschool our aim is to develop effective learners who have confidence in leading their learning.  We aim to encourage children to LOVE learning through the play experiences on offer and they create.  Primarily we observe children; finding out their interests and enhancing the environment accordingly. This is an ongoing practice meaning the environment is diverse and challenging where children are encouraged to find and choose resources and aid further their play as they wish.  On a day to day basis, the practitioners observe children’s behaviour in order to plan for the following day and very often resources are added through out the week.  For example the maths area may be enhanced with weighing scales and different weighted filled socks. However if the children were to collect other objects to weigh the practitioners may add buckets and wheel barrows to support the children and further encourage them to collect objects to weigh.

On a half termly basis we conduct mid-term planning based on children’s interest.  Topics include: Dinosaurs, Space, Journeys, All About Me and New Life.  Within each mid-term plan, a range of festivals are included to ensure children learn and explore a range of cultures and religions.  Mid-term planning is flexible and very often the children’s interest lead the weekly planning in different directions.  The mid-term planning covers all 7 areas of learning and development to ensure children have access to a wide and challenging curriculum.

On a weekly basis, enhanced planning is conducted.  Children’s interests and developmental needs are considered and used accordingly.  Within the planning, learning objectives, the role of the practitioner and characteristics of effective learning are outlined.  Children are highlighted as ‘targeted’ children to be worked with on a one to one basis with a practitioner who scaffolds their learning.  Planning is fun, exciting and challenging in order to motivate, engage and promote critical thinking.

On a weekly basis a specific differentiated adult led activity is planned.  This activity is usually based around the topic or area of interest.  Children are all encouraged to take part in the activity to develop different skills and knowledge.  Our practitioners work hard to support children in moving forward with their learning and development through questionning strategies, making experiences exciting and challenging and through providing emotional support.  Activities may include nature walks, making holiday brochures, large scale child led art work, story reading and recall, making pictures with shapes etc.

Each day the children meet with their key worker for key group time and the key group worker plans appropriate activities to meet the children’s development needs.  Key workers work hard to develop effective relationships with the children in their key group.  Key workers differentiate all activities to ensure all children can access the learning at an appropriate level,  Key group times are exciting and children develop good attachments to their key group leader during these sessions.

At the beginning of the morning and afternoon session the children engage in Welcome Time altogether.  Children are welcomed into the setting and start with the same routine at the start of the session – sing the welcome song, recall the days of the week, talk about the weather and participate in the register.  Children go on to engage in a short session planned to meet specific learning intentions.  Phonics, mathematics and topic based activities are explored enabling children to develop sound understandings of a range of topics.

If parents/carers have any questions about the curriculum please come and speak to a member of staff! The door is always open!